Frequently Asked

If you have any further questions, please send us a message:

What is Clayhem?

Clayhem is a modern ceramics studio that provides its members with a space to express their creativity through clay work. In addition to the studio available to monthly members, there are also beginner, advanced, and Masterclass courses on offer. As a bonus, there's an inspiring community in the heart of beautiful Kallio.

Where is Clayhem?

Clayhem's first studio is located in Kallio, Helsinki, with excellent transportation links, at Franzeninkatu 22. We hope to open several more locations in the future!

What does a monthly membership mean?

Clayhem's monthly members can enjoy the ceramics studio according to their own schedule whenever the studio is open. Currently, there is no reservation system in place since the space can accommodate about 35 creators simultaneously. If the space becomes crowded, we will consider implementing a reservation system. Membership also includes a personal shelf space, the right to use communal tools, basic glazes (white, transparent, and light pink). A small fee is charged for bisque and glaze firings. Clay and additional glazes can be ordered through a group purchase and are delivered directly to Clayhem.

Can I pay with Epass, Smartum, Edenred?

Yes, you can! If you'd like to pay for a course or monthly pass using Edered, Smartum, or Epass, here's what to do: check our online store to ensure there's availability for the course, pay for your selected product in the service, and send us a screenshot of the transaction to so we can reserve a spot for you in the course/monthly membership. Unfortunately, we do not accept physical vouchers; we operate with the online versions of these vouchers.

Who can buy a monthly membership to Clayhem?

Any ceramics enthusiast who is over the age of 16 can become a member. Those with a monthly mambership must have basic knowledge of ceramics and glazing, either from a course taken elsewhere before joining or after completing a course at Clayhem. We will have special family days for children coming later in the fall. For inquiries, please contact:

Can I arrange a private course or event in Clayhem? Do you organize any special events?

Of course! We would be happy to make a suggestion to you:

What kind of courses does Clayhem organize?

We offer a wide range of ceramics courses. For beginners, we recommend our introductory courses. Additionally, we will have various themed and technique-specific courses coming up. We are also open to suggestions for courses:

Can I attend courses without a membership?

Of course! The course is a great opportunity to test your own enthusiasm, and it is a good idea to continue to become a monthly member.

Is it allowed to use your own glazes or clay?

Only if they are high-fire products. Using inappropriate materials often leads to firing failures, and in such cases, the person responsible may be liable for damages to others' work as well.

Joining is this easy!

If you're already familiar with the basics of ceramics, you can directly purchase a monthly pass and enjoy crafting on your own.

If you're starting from scratch, or your skills are at a primary school level, we recommend taking a beginner's course.

You can find our Courses and monthly memberships in our course store.

First step - master the basics with 'Ceramics for Beginners'

Join our beginner/basic course to grasp the essentials of ceramics. Our instructors are the experienced and inspiring ceramic designers, Sami Rinne and Elina Sallinen. After the basics of hand-building, it's easy to master two other techniques: slip casting and wheel throwing. We offer courses in both. If the courses are sold out, don't worry, we continuously open more. Information about new courses is always shared on our Instagram @clay_hem.

Second step membership

The best way to improve in ceramics is by doing! Join as a monthly member, and you'll have the flexibility to work with clay whenever it suits you best, without any rush.

Monthly memberships are sold in one or two-month packages.

The membership includes: access to the studio during opening hours, a personal shelf for your clay works, basic glazes, and use of communal tools. Clay and additional glazes are available for purchase at the studio, and there is a small fee for firing services. Firing prices can be found under the "Studio" section.

Welcome to the studio!

When you arrive at the studio for the first time, please check in at the office. We will introduce you to the studio and its practices.

We are also happy to answer any questions:,Phone 044 781 1161Address: Franzeninkatu 22, 00530 Helsinki.

The most convenient way to get here is by public transport, with both Hakaniemi and Sörnäinen metro stations nearby.